Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tupsy Turvy Xmas Gift Guide - Follow the stars

Guest Blogger - Tupsy Turvy

Music for me sparks emotions and it is especially so at Christmas time. I love hearing the carols that play, and join in with singing the words, telling the story of Christmas. I have a simple carol in my memory from Christmases past, as a child participating in a Nativity play, about the three kings following a star. Even many years later I can still remember the words and the tune. Music has that effect.

My favourite carol is ‘O Holy Night’. It not only tells of the Christmas story, but the tune lilts and seems to build in reverence. The carol begins with ‘O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining…’ The ‘star’ is a symbol of Christmas and part of many gifts and decorations at this time of year. I thought I would peruse the lovely handmade items and find some starry products. Follow these stars…

Click the photos below to visit the madeit items.


  1. Thanks Madeit! I enjoyed participating in the Christmas Gift Guide blog. So many lovely handmade items to choose from...hard to pick just a few! A lovely Christmas to all!


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