Friday, December 16, 2011

creative wishes Xmas Gift Guide - Celebrating with Food

Guest Blogger - creative wishes

December for my family is full of fun gatherings with friends and family, get togethers with work collegues and end of year break ups. The one thing all these occasions have in common is food. I am always trying new recipes at this time of year and love it when I can share a plate with friends. My in laws are Greek so their gatherings are very food focussed (you would never starve at a Greek get together) and feature dolmades, spanikopita and a lamb cooked on the spit. I love a traditional turkey with cranberry sauce, Christmas pudding and trifle. The kids love to help out in the kitchen too making gingerbread men, white Christmas and rum balls. If your family is like mine then I am sure you will be inspired with all the wonderful food related items to be found on Made It.

Click the photos below to visit the madeit items.

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