Thursday, December 1, 2011

nest interior styling Xmas Gift Guide - Create some Christmas Magic with Textured Trimmings!

Guest Blogger - nest interior styling

There is nothing more exciting than the Magic you can create at Christmas!
A big part of the magic for me growing up was, & still is, the Decorations & Trimmings!

As well as the sentimental ornaments, flashing lights, coloured glitter baubles & a little tinsel, each year my creative Mum inspired us to make different decorations - dough glazed angels, paper garlands, spray painted pinecones.
My Mum still makes a different decoration each year for us & i love to set a colour & theme each Christmas to decorate the tree & wrap the gifts. Beautiful memories & traditions were created.

This year my colour theme is simply silver & white with a splash of red - and it will be magic all over as I share the excitement of trimming the tree & wrapping the gifts with my own handmade collection of Clay Tags 'mud by nest'!

Tho I am sure my children will still come home with their own handmade tinsel wreaths & glittered pinecones, i hope my clay tags will become a magic memory & new tradition for them to cherish each Christmas.

My picks celebrate the handmade Trimmings & Decorations of Christmas!
As my choice of texture this year is clay, i have found an array of unique trimmings handmade with different textures like felt, wood, wax, hessian, glass, silverware, pearls & cotton - all of which i hope will inspire you to create some magic with trimmings & decorations as you feather your Nest this Christmas!

May it be Magical♥

Click the photos below to visit the madeit items.


  1. Thank you for choosing my white crinkle ribbon in amongst all those other beautiful handmade goodies :)

  2. such a gorgeous selection of trimmings..


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