Saturday, December 17, 2011

enchanted creations by narelle Xmas Gift Guide - The Christmas Tree

Guest Blogger - enchanted creations by narelle

A big part of Christmas for me is the traditions that take place. A tradition I have always loved at this time of year is putting up the Christmas Tree. It has always been a family event. With Christmas carols playing the background and everyone taking turns putting on the decorations, it is a time to relax and just enjoy the moment. The youngest in the family has always had the honour of putting the angel on top. This was how my parents always put up our tree and this is how I have always done it with my children.

So in honour of the Christmas Tree, here are some tree themed items I have found.

Click the photos below to visit the madeit items.


  1. i love setting up the tree too which just got our real one yesterday so it smells very christmassy here

  2. Beautiful displays!
    Thank you for adding our Christmas Tree candle :) It was great fun sculpting her! :)
    Love the very creative hand made decorations!


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