Wednesday, December 14, 2011

cloud love baby Xmas Gift Guide - My favourite parts of Christmas

Guest Blogger - cloud love baby

Growing up, Christmas was never about how much money was spent or who had the most presents - although on any given day you could find my brother and I under the tree tallying who had how many presents but we grew out of it. When we 28 and 25 respectively ;) - it was about family and traditions and the things that your tiny little band of people did that made you felt like you belonged. I love being a mum for so many reasons, but being able to be the instigator and keeper of traditions for my family now would have to be one of the things I love most! Christmas is the perfect time to build routines, rituals and traditions into your family. Those same ornaments you look for every year, the decorations, the ritual of preparing Santa's snack, the art of wrapping the perfect present with a matching tag, your family's own elf on the shelf to look for each morning… These are some of my favourite parts of Christmas. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!! xo

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