Friday, July 9, 2010

NEW Sydney Hide & Seek Market

Tell us a little bit about your market?
Hide & Seek market is a hidden treasure in the “hills”, with a love of all things handmade. Hide & Seek market is a collection of young and independent designers, a place to find quirky, unique handcrafted goodies, grab a coffee and be inspired by the handmade community. For our first market you’ll find gorgeous handmade baby & kids goods! Future markets will include goodies for all crafty folk, not just the littlies. I'm currently working on bringing a selection of craft workshops run by artists to the market

When/why did you start your market?
Hide & Seek market was created by Aloma, a Melbourne girl, who missed all things Melbourne, especially all that handmade goodness out there, so Hide & Seek was born.

Our first market is on 25 July 10am-3pm at Wrights Rd Community Centre, Wrights Rd Kellyville. Pop over and say hi! Then it will run monthly.

What is the favourite part about running your market?
Discovering and meeting new crafters hidden out there. It makes me giddy with excitement! I have given myself a limit as to how much I can spend on market day :-)

Why do you love handmade so much?
I loved that very piece is different and has a story to tell and it's been made with love.

Name 5 reason why your visitors should attend your market?
You'll find quirky handmade goodies, FREE entry, meet the makers and support local crafters. Oops and there are cupcakes + coffee+ crafty zines on sale!

For more information visit the Hide & Seek blog


  1. Fantastic - I'm so excited about this new market and am really looking forward to it. The Hills are screaming for boutique markets ... thank you Aloma, it's going to be a great event.

  2. Totally agree with billymac - thanks for creating Hide & Seek Aloma - I'm looking forward to being a part of something very special!

  3. Can't wait. I got excited reading the info on your web site. I live in the hills area and it's great to have something like this market in the area!

    Doobie Designs


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