Friday, July 30, 2010

Geelong’s Piccadilly Market this Sunday!

Tell us a little about your market?
Piccadilly Market is new to Geelong and the place to come for original and handcrafted wares. The market has 40 stalls of talented artists, designers and craftspeople who are local to Geelong as well as from Melbourne and Country Victoria. The market has high quality wares such as adults and children’s clothing, jewellery, skin care products, handbags, wall art, paper products, home decor, cupcakes and lots more. Parking and entry are free and the venue is located on Geelong’s beautiful Waterfront making it a great day out for young and old.

When/Why did you start your Market?
I have been a loyal market goer for as long as I can remember, I have very vivid memories of going to Red Hill Market as a child when it first started out. I have been lucky enough to have lived and travelled in a lot of places around the world and have experienced many amazing and unique markets. In Krakow, Poland where I lived there are the Sukiennice Cloth Halls, during the heyday, over five hundred years ago, rich traffic came in from the East with spices, silk, leather, wax, as well as local textiles. I have seen it get trendier over the past 20 years but the main trade continues to be local crafts. Handmade has evolved world wide as has everything else and now we have so many incredible designers out there that need a place to showcase their work. I moved to Geelong 5 years ago and started the Geelong Baby and Children’s Market with my business partner where we sell 2nd hand but also showcase local designers and soon saw a need for a local Handmade Market that was not just children’s products. The first market launched on 28th March and proved I was right with 2000 super excited shoppers coming through the door.

Why do you love handmade so much?
I really enjoy seeing the creative process of an idea becoming a tangible product. My mind boggles at how these amazingly talented designers can come up with such unique ideas and make them happen.
There is so much thought, love and attention to detail which is what makes it so incredibly unique.

What 5 reasons why visitors should attend your Market?
• To support small businesses both local and state wide and help them continue to thrive
• To come and simply experience the wonderful world of handmade
• To purchase some of the best and most unique handcrafted goods for yourself or as gifts
• To enjoy a great day out, right on the Geelong Waterfront which is where we are located. We also have a cafe open for the duration of the market.
• To see what everyone is talking about

When: Sunday 1st August
Where: Deakin Waterfront Cafe, Geelong
10am – 4pm Free Entry Free Parking

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

lovely necklace finds

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mum who makes :: lulufroufrou

mum who makes :: lulufroufrou

Tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi my name is Linda. I live in Bayside, Melbourne with my cycling mad husband of 7 years, my cheeky chops daughter Louise and Bella our gorgeous old Labrador. I love Melbourne for its great coffee, awesome restaurants and of course its shopping.

Can you explain your craft/art and the materials you like to use?
I make accessories especially for girls - once i found out some of my customers were purchasing for themselves I expanded my range to include pretties for the young at heart too. I have a passion for beautiful designer fabrics and never make anything I wouldn't wear myself or put on my daughter. I like bold colours, kawaii prints and stylish design.

How long have you been creating and how did you get into making handmade goodies?
I have always enjoyed making things for myself and for around the home, I started Lulu Froufrou when my daughter was about one, when I started to get requests for the items I was making for her hair. Once I found Madeit, I never looked back.

How do you juggle motherhood & crafting/managing your business?
To fit everything in I really need to be organised and plan my days in advance. I love routine and both Lou {and I} seem to thrive on it. I try to fit my orders in during nap time and evenings. I make sure to give myself a little 'me time' at the gym so I don’t get overwhelmed and I try to make weekends family time too - with a little crafting when I can.

Do you have any advice to other Mothers who are wanting to start creating handmade goodies?
I never expected how fun and extremely rewarding having a crafting business would be. Don't be afraid to network either, you will be pleasantly surprised at how alike and willing to help we all are. The costs to start are quite low and its amazing how much free information and 'how to' tutorials there are floating around on internet. My top 4 {Free} business tools - The Madeit forum, The Contemporary Handmade Alliance, Picnik and the one and only Facebook. Have confidence in yourself and your work and just give it a go!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

oh deer!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

new seller quick five ::

new seller quick five ::

How did you find about madeit?
I began making my eco friendly journals a couple of months ago and searched around on the internet for ways to sell them. I found madeit then, but didn't open my own shop until a friend told me about the success she has had selling here. I love that its an Australian site for promoting beautiful handmade Australian goods.

Explain your style?
I love working with salvage materials, creating a rather raw, industrial look. Unfinished plywood, rusting metals, steel bolts, interesting fabrics and simple screen-printed graphics.

What makes you happy?
Seeing my kids laugh, hanging out with my partner in our little cottage, hearing the 'ding' of an email that has arrived with news of a sale, drinking tea, sitting in the sun on a winter's afternoon.

What makes you sad?
Narrow minded people, soulless architecture, commercial current affairs programs.

What can't you live without?
My camera, laptop, travel plans and hot buttery toast

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sydney Hide & Seek Market this Sunday

We're a hidden treasure in the"hills" with a love of all things handmade. Actually, discovering a fresh new crafter makes us giddy with excitement!

You'll find something you can't live without...handmade goodness, crafty zines, coffee and so much more! Pop on by and say hello, there will be a number of madeit sellers at the market - billymac, littlepeopleclothing, MulberryRoad, indigoelephant, PepperStitches

Sunday 25 July 10am-3pm
Wrights Rd Community Centre, Kellyville

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

bath & beauty finds

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

after-hours crafter :: Plushka

after-hours crafter :: Plushka

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born in Vladivostok, which is in the Far East of Russia on the boarder of China. I came to Australia to study Business Management and now live with my husband in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.I work full-time at my husband’s helicopter business and craft is my passion and something I do after work.

Can you explain your craft/art and the materials you like to use?
I love rough texture of linen that I use for my cross-stitch, cute Japanese fabric and felt. I get inspired and influenced by French and Japanese styles. Handmade for me is all about quality and unique feel of items stitched by hand.

How long have you been creating and how did you get into making handmade goodies?
I've been crafting since I was 12, doing embroidery and hand sewing. My culture taught me to treasure handmade craft and creating something helps me not only indulge my creative side but also honour my heritage.I started Handmade by Plushka because I felt the urge to express myself and be creative. I love when something I created brings joy to other people.

How do you juggle work & crafting/managing your business?
It's not always easy to find time for both. During the day I need to concentrate on crunching numbers and helping my husband running his company. I love that we can spend all day together. The best time of the day is the drive to and back from work when we can talk and enjoy each others company. After work it’s all about finishing my projects and getting creative.

Do you have any advice to other workers who are wanting to start creating handmade goodies?
Just get creative and have fun, you never know where craft can take you! Making enough stock, can be stressful some times and you still need to have a normal life so I keep my little craft business small and manageable. I focus on my Madeit shop, Shop Handmade in Canberra and do Mathilda's markets occasionally. I still feel that it’s just the beginning of my craft journey and there are so many new things that I want to make and so many possibilities.

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